Vos Transport Zaltbommel has sufficient capacity for storing (canned) food and non-food products. We can store your products for short or long periods. Our advanced warehouse management system plans, registers, regulates the distribution of your products and gives you 24/7 insight into the status of your stocks and current logistics orders.

Our warehouse staff can be trusted to handle your products with care and attention. If we need additional capacity for providing VAL services, we use dependable employment agencies who are completely familiar with the logistics sector. In this way, we can always meet any peaks in demand.


Vos Transport Zaltbommel’s warehouse is multifunctional and eco-friendly. Various supplementary environmental measures have been implemented and motion sensors have been fitted in all the spaces so the lights only go on when people are working there.


The warehouse also has an advanced access and alarm system. Additional attention has also been paid to the entrance to the premises. The warehouse is divided into separate compartments to increase fire safety.


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