Inland shipping

Vos Transport Zaltbommel has been active in inland shipping for more than 50 years. Through the years, this specialist line of business has slowly but surely expanded to become the ultramodern cargo service it is today.

Own fleet

Alongside four push tugs, Vos Transport Zaltbommel also has six dumb barges. All the vessels have their own specific characteristics. The fleet includes, for example, open-top barges, but also barges with stackable or roll-back cargo covers. This allows us to fulfil practically all our clients’ transport requirements.

Virtually any cargo

Our fleet can carry virtually any cargo. We provide inland shipping solutions for goods varying from steel pipes, containers and scrap to animal feed and dry bulk. Our barges have different sizes, which enables us to navigate waterways ranging from narrow canals to wide rivers. Besides carrying cargo, our barges are also suitable for goods storage.


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