Multi-varied fleet to guarantee high-quality transport

Vos Transport Zaltbommel has an extensive, multi-varied fleet with which almost every transport request can be fulfilled. We have a fleet of more than 55 trailers that includes:

  • Walking-floor trailers
  • Taut liners
  • Box trailers

Trailer-mounted equipment

Most of our taut liners have load-securing systems that are TüV XL certified. This is the strictest standard for protecting laden semi-trailers should they become involved in an accident. Some of our trailers also have loading/unloading flaps.

In addition, Vos Transport Zaltbommel has trailers that are fitted with a walking floor – a system of three independently moving plates sunk into the trailer bed. We mainly use this system for unloading bulk cargo, for example, when transporting seeds from France to the Netherlands. Our walking floor trailers are certified for transport in accordance with the strict GMP+ rules and regulations.

Modern GPS and GPRS equipment

All our trucks are fitted with an on-board computer installed with modern navigation, GPS and GPRS software. This means our trucks are always in real-time contact with our head office so we can take appropriate action if unforeseen circumstances occur on any of our routes and continually provide our clients with information updates.


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