In order to meet the high quality and food safety standards of our clients, Vos Transport Zaltbommel’s operating processes are certified.

Goods storage and transport

For goods storage and transport, our warehouse has the following certificates:

  • IFS Logistics Certificate – ‘Warehousing and Transport’ (PDF)
  • BRC Storage & Distribution Certificate (PDF)
  • SKAL Bio Certificate – ‘Transport and Storage’ (PDF) (for the transport and storage of organic products)
  • AEO-certificate (PDF) (Customs simplifications / Security)


This means that we work in accordance with the extremely strict national and international guidelines for food safety and food handling.

Animal feed transport

Vos Transport Zaltbommel also has certification for transporting (bulk) animal feed products:

  • GMP+ Process certificate – ‘Animal Feed’ (PDF)
  • IFS Logistics Certificate – ‘Warehousing and Transport’


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