New Linde pallet truck raises the Vos fleet to a higher level

We at Vos Transport Zaltbommel are convinced that good equipment for internal transport is crucial in vouching for the optimum quality of our operations. This is good news, not only for the customers who reap the benefits, but also our own workforce, who are able to work more safely and efficiently using good equipment. This is the type of win-win situation which we greatly favour at Vos!

Linde pallet truck, type T25SP

Having carried out a thorough prior survey into the capacity needs and the desired performance on the shop floor, the firm ultimately opted for the highly robust Linde pallet truck, type T25SP. The T25SP is an innovative electric pallet truck, featuring a practical stand-on platform. It is not only ideally suited for the efficient loading and unloading of lorries, but also highly manoeuvrable when it comes to the handling of pallets. Given that it has a maximum lifting capacity of 2500 kg (2.5 tonnes) we now have a true heavyweight among our ranks on the shop floor. And for the real pallet truck buffs: it has a turning circle of just 2019 mm, and is therefore highly manoeuvrable.


Linde pallettruck

Comfort and user convenience make for safe working practices

The new Linde pallet truck is equipped with the latest technology and features in the area of operating convenience and safety. These are aspects which Vos Transport Zaltbommel considers important in addition to the productivity of machinery. After all, the work is ultimately carried out by people, while employees who are comfortable and enjoy doing their jobs boost the levels of performance and safety, thereby reducing the incidence of disruptions.

30% reduction in vibration, jolts and resonance

A prime example of a major feature of the new Linde pallet truck is the fact that the driver’s position is both completely decoupled from the chassis and fully damped. The stand-on platform and the steering system therefore form a compact unit. This has led to a reduction of around 30% in vibration, jolts and resonance, which in turn is a boost to driver health.